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Regression Hypnotherapy – How It Works, What it Does for You, and More

Some of my clients report that they had done other therapies, invested months of work into it, understood issues better, and acquired some useful skills. The reason why they come to me though is that they still feel just the same inside.

Regression hypnotherapy helps my clients overcome emotional problems by processing past negative experiences in a safe environment so that they can start feeling well.

It is an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, and more. Find out what it does and how it works!

What Is Regression Hypnosis?

The purpose of regression therapy is to find out how the past events in your life affect your current life. Hypnotic regression therapy uses hypnosis to link the current issues with the events in your past.

Those past events are linked to the root cause of the long-lasting issues you experience today. So, the purpose of regression therapy is to gain an understanding of the root cause of the current issues.

Though the events happened long ago, the beliefs formed back then direct, drive, and sometimes limit your life causing various issues.

Rational vs. Unconscious Understanding

You might have a good rational guess on how certain events in your past contributed to who you are now as a person. Nevertheless, hypnotic regression helps you to go deeper and remember how those events affected you emotionally in the past.

Rational memories, or the memories that you remember rationally, are limited to certain facts and lack completeness. But this does not mean that the information got lost with time. Your unconscious keeps much fuller and more detailed information about your past.

The purpose of accessing those memories is to remember how you felt about events in your past, what was your understanding of them, and what beliefs you formed back then under the influence of the events.

What are the ages treated in regression hypnotherapy?

Events that influence your beliefs about yourself and your life are typically formed before the age of 8 or 10. Events and environments in very early childhood can be impactful. The beliefs formed already in the early years get confirmed and become stronger in the following years.

Traumatic events that happened in your adulthood can also play an important role and be treated in age regression therapy.

The Benefits of Regression Hypnotherapy

Neuroscience shows that your consciousness has a predictive function. That means that it does not simply analyze everything on your path. Your consciousness creates a limited and very selective personal perception of your life.

Your consciousness perceives what it expects to perceive. And those expectations are aligned with your past experience and beliefs that you formed about yourself and your life.

Therefore when regression hypnotherapists use hypnosis to overcome negative emotions about past experiences, this can change your current thinking, emotions, and behaviors.

This therapy has been used successfully with clients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, excess weight, and other issues.

How Does Regression Hypnotherapy Work?

Regression hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to help people recall traumatic events and then work through them.

Regression Therapy Techniques

At the beginning of the session, the therapist guides you into a hypnotic state where you are able to recall the event and release any fear or pain about it.

Uncovering the past events that influence you today and releasing emotions related to them are just the first steps of regression therapy.

After such so-called discovery work, you can gain awareness about the unconscious beliefs that actually limit you and cause issues.

Those beliefs formed early in your childhood were naturally influenced by a full dependency on your parents or/and other caregivers, limited understanding, and absent abilities to change the situation that you were exposed to.

The situation in which you are now as an adult is completely different from that. You have a much better understanding of what was happening back then, you are independent and able to influence situations in your life.

Regression hypnotherapy helps you correct and upgrade your beliefs in agreement with your current abilities as an adult.

The new empowering beliefs will effortlessly create a new way of perceiving your life, thinking, feeling as well as taking action.

After a successful regression, the therapist will guide you back to the present day.

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Regression Therapy History

In the earlier days, hypnotherapy didn’t have any reasonable explanation and therefore it got rejected and replaced at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century by psychoanalysis.

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But then, hypnotherapy and regression therapy especially served greatly during world war I and II. Back then popular long-lasting psychoanalysis wasn’t able to meet the needs of traumatized soldiers and officers.

Hypnotherapists used then regression therapy with great success to bring back vivid memories of the traumatic war scenes. While reviewing the war scenes under hypnosis, the soldiers were able to experience suppressed emotions in a safe environment, release them, and free themselves from PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder).

Rapid Transformational Therapy

A renowned hypnotherapist Gil Boyne developed and trained thousands of his students in Transforming Therapy. The transforming therapy uses age regression hypnotherapy to elicit the root cause of the experienced issues.

One of Gil Boyne’s students, Marisa Peer teaches her own type of hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy or RTT which is based on Transforming Therapy. Both therapies use age regression hypnotherapy with great success.

I have received an advanced training level in RTT therapy from the Marisa Peer School. My knowledge of hypnotherapy is refined in the training with Mike Mandel Academy of Hypnosis in neo-Ericksonian hypnosis. If you are interested in using regression hypnotherapy to release old emotions that have a negative influence on your current life, register for a free discovery call with me:

Is Regression Therapy Dangerous?

Experiencing strong negative emotions like fear is named among the risks of regression hypnotherapy. As was shown above in the example of world war veterans, dissociation from strong emotions during traumatic events caused PTSD. And re-association under hypnosis offered a fast and permanent. Having said that, you need a hypnotherapist experienced in regression.

However, regression hypnotherapy is actually quite safe and noninvasive. In fact, it’s so safe that people feel relaxed most of the time during the session.

Another often-discussed drawback of regression is the possibility of false memories. In the first place, there are no true memories. All memories are limited to your personal perception of any event in your life. If the memory is related to your childhood, then such memory will be additionally distorted because of the limited childhood understanding. This is what actually causes issues in adulthood.

Moreover, recalling old events in adulthood may overlay the memories with additional interpretations and therefore distort them even further.

And this is the task of the hypnotherapist to guide you to free yourself from the burden of the old memories and their influence on you. Doing this a skilled hypnotherapist takes special care not to introduce any further memory falsification from his side by suggesting or interpreting any information.

So, it is important to choose a hypnotherapist who is trained in regression therapy, certified, and experienced. It is helpful if the therapist has already experience with treating the issues with which you need help.

Does Regression Therapy Work?

Regression therapy can offer relief and healing from depression, or anxiety, a solution for weight loss, and more.

For example, Ashley, one of my clients sought a solution for a stubborn excess weight. She had followed various therapies and those helped her to some extent.
With Ashley, we addressed insecurity coming from the adverse events in her childhood. Regression hypnotherapy helped her start feeling safe and then naturally she was able to achieve her ideal weight.

I cannot recommend Olga enough for anything that you’re ready to move through in life. 

When I came to her I thought I was going for one issue but we discovered the real issue was around safety and holding onto excess body weight that I could never seem to release no matter what I did. 

After working with her, in just one session, I was able to release 10 pounds in a month and my habits, confidence and general way of feeling towards myself and my body did a complete 360

To say my life is completely changed is an understatement. I don’t even know who I was before my session with Olga. 10/10 recommend you hire her ASAP. I am already looking forward to working with her for our second session.

Ashley, TUF Woman Table, USA

 Find more client reviews by following the link here.

FAQ Regression Hypnotherapy

How many regression therapy sessions should I go to?

One to three sessions of deep regression work should be sufficient to address the root causes of one specific issue.

The same root causes can cause several issues. So, you might experience improvements with other issues as well.

Having said that, you might want to acquire skills for upgrading your thinking and behaviors and keep improving your life. For this purpose, other types of hypnotherapy, as well as CBT and NLP, will be of great help.

How much does regression hypnotherapy cost?

Can one undergo regression hypnotherapy online?

Yes, regression hypnotherapy is effective when done online. You can experience all its benefits safely from the comfort of your home.

Is regression therapy scientific?

Regression hypnotherapy has been known for a long time and nowadays there is a sound scientific explanation for its efficiency. Human consciousness works as a projection of past experiences to the current life. This happens without any conscious efforts from your side, i.e. unconsciously.
Therefore correcting the understanding of the past under hypnosis completely changes your current life experiences and allows you to live a better, more joyful, and more fulfilling life.

What is past life regression?

Past life regression is practiced by those who believe experience in past lives affects you in the present. It is not widely recognized by hypnotherapists because it cannot be proven.


Regression hypnotherapy helps overcome emotional problems by processing past experiences in a safe environment.

Regression hypnotherapy helps you upgrade limiting beliefs and empowers you.

Regression therapy can be effective in treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia, raising self-esteem, and more.


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