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I’m Olga Willemsen, the owner of New Empowered You, a certified Hypnotherapist, RTT hypnotherapist, and transformational coach based in The Hague area, Netherlands – here to guide you through life’s most complex and challenging matters.

I genuinely care about my clients’ well-being and guarantee top-of-the-line transformational hypnosis and coaching services catered to their personalities and needs.

I provide transformational hypnotherapy and coaching in English, German, Russian and Dutch in easy-to-arrange online sessions or in-person in The Hague.

My Mission

Empowering clients to live up to their highest potential is my number one priority, and I go above and beyond to help them through all their obstacles.


Certified by:

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I am trained and certified:

  • as an RTT therapist at the in-demand Marisa Peer RTT therapy school (UK).
  • in neo-Ericksonian hypnosis by the renowned Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy (MMHA, Canada)
  • as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Lingual Programming by the American Union of NLP, and am a registered member of this organization.

As a certified hypnotherapist, I am a member in good standing of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. I have completed the required hours of training to be certified and pledge to uphold the Code of Ethics. I abide by the annual continuing education requirements to maintain my certified status with IACT.

I have been deepening my knowledge of neuroscience, further improving my transformational hypnosis and coaching skills. All the above is in order to serve my clients even better.


I hold a Ph.D. in natural sciences and used to work in research and development. Because of my academic background, I have a deeply scientific, pragmatic, and practical approach to personal transformation and the healing process.

For over 20 years I have been leading an ex-pat life – in Sweden, Germany, and for over ten last years in the Netherlands. Two wonderful daughters bring delight to my life.

My life experience allows me to fully relate to the life challenges of clients professionals, ex-pats, and/or parents. 

How Hypnotherapy Changed My Life

When I first learned about the transformational power of hypnosis, I got fascinated because it agreed with my belief in the innate transformational and healing potential of each human.

Hypnotherapy convinced me by being in full agreement with modern neuroscience. Moreover, the knowledge, techniques, and high standard of hypnotherapists’ education at Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy and Marisa Peer school ensure a fast, effortless, and permanent personal change for clients.

The power of  hypnosis helped me to improve my own life:

Hypnotherapy Success Stories

More testimonials from my clients illustrate the capacity of the human mind to change for the better

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Finding Inner Potentials, You Never Knew They Existed

My life has completely changed as a result of our sessions and the tape. 
Now more than a year later, I am truly a new person. Everything has played out exactly the way you said it. 
Thanks a lot. 
M., Germany

Highest Priority to What Truly Matters to You

I am very happy with the outcome of our sessions and I continue to use your techniques. I have calmed down so much and focused much more on what I want to do and how to do it. Thanks again for all your help. I feel very reassured.

A., Netherlands

Resolved Long-Standing Issues of Motivation and Commitment

Olga helped me with long-standing issues of motivation and commitment. She is really warm and empathic, so easy to talk to and she quickly grasps the underlying causes. The change I wanted began to happen from the first session of working with her, and is still continuing several weeks later. Thank you Olga!

Pauline Meredith-Yates, UK

Completely Different Perspective on My Life

I was very fortunate to be able to speak to Olga once. Although our meeting took place online, Olga’s support worked wonders for me.
Olga’s voice is incredibly soothing and her voice sounds very calming.
During our only meeting, she was able to give me such great tips and advice that since then I have had a completely different perspective on certain things, my life and my habits. Thank you very much.

Eva, 50 years old, Netherlands

Immediate Results

I can recommend Olga to everyone! Olga is very sweet, professional, and pleasant to listen to. Her hypnotherapy method is very good and immediately showed results.
The audio meditation still helps me daily.
Maarten Kops, Netherlands

From Fears to Being Relaxed, Confident, and Open-Minded

We contacted Olga as our son Tim (11) was facing problems as:

  • Afraid about noise, especially loud motobikes/traffic situation
  • Afraid to master new situations
  • Lack of self confidence

After informing about above issues, Olga invited Tim to a 1 hour therapy appointment.
He was a bit excited about this appointment. When they were ready, Tim was very calm and in balance.

Olga recommended,  to listen frequently to her records. Tim listened to her records daily.

After 4 weeks we recognized Tim’s behaviour changed.

Furthermore Olga coached Tim every 2 weeks, this was helpful as well.

What changed after the therapy?

  • Tim is not afraid about motorbikes anymore; he is now relaxed in the traffic situation
  • He is mastering new situations; he changed school recently and is open minded

It was amazing, how Tim changed his behaviour within few weeks.

This method works and helps to change behavior.

Renate, Netherlands

From Orthorexia to Self-confidence, Good Appetite and Normal Weight

Before we turned to Olga, my daughter (15 years old) had orthorexia – a clinical picture that not even all doctors recognize. The food has been carefully sorted into healthy and unhealthy. Meat, fish, and eggs disappeared from the menu for ethical reasons. White flour and sugar are taboo. Out of respect for nature and the environment, she stopped eating food that was transported by air…

Of course, weight loss, abdominal pain, and depressive state followed. Due to the bad mood, the appetite for “healthy” food worsened and my daughter continued to decline – a vicious circle.

After Rapid Transformational Therapy, the mood slowly returned and the certainty that one could integrate the love of the environment and health into everyday life. With increased self-confidence, the appetite got better and better and soon she was back to her normal weight.

I am very impressed with how fast and effective the therapy is and I can only recommend it! Many thanks to Olga!

Dina, Germany

Tremendous Sense of Relief

I got in touch with Olga with an issue that had bothered me for most of my life and within a few hours, I felt such a tremendous sense of relief that it finally changed.

Olga’s knowledge and compassion are abundant. She skillfully guided me through the scenes from my past that had created the limiting belief and created for me a recording that not only transformed me from the old number but was also so beautifully crafted that I really look forward to listening to it every day.

If you have any problem, I urge you to contact this wonderful and highly skilled woman.

Patricia Coudray, Netherlands

Dealing With Grief: Lifting Weight from Shoulders

I truly recommend working with Olga, it has been a great experience for me. Olga offered such powerful insights into understanding the mind, feelings and thought processes with detailed care and attention to my personal situation.

For the last four years, I have been coping with the grief of losing my mother and the trauma of her terminal illness.

As a young expat in a foreign country, I felt even more alone than ever before, despite a stable network of friends and loved ones.

I consistently worked on myself (with the help of a wonderful psychologist in addition to yoga, sport, meditation and affirmations) but noticed even after years, every little problem or discomfort I faced, be it in relationship or work, my mind always circled back to me feeling stuck, lost and grieving.

This began to manifest itself with growing feelings of insecurity and indecisiveness which made me feel even more stuck and lost.

Olga’s online RTT session revealed more deep-rooted feelings and how they were triggered by grief.

In her following coaching sessions, I noticed a steadily increasing sense of lightness, as in weight lifted from my shoulders and comfort in understanding myself better. I absolutely love the practical everyday easy to use tools, and I wish I had found her earlier!

Overall I am a happier me with a positive outlook and a great set of new tools and knowledge to fall back on. 

Thank you, Olga!

Alex, Netherlands

From Depression to a Deep, Embodied Understanding of True, Better Me

Before the first session with Olga, I was in a pretty difficult situation. I was in a deep and prolonged depression, because of some big losses I had experienced three years ago. For those three years I  was a stay-at-home mom, quite depressed, jobless, and not even being able to look for a job.  I was glad that Olga  agreed to work with me.

In the very first  RTT therapy session going through all my life’s most important/difficult events, I experienced a deep, embodied understanding of true, better me. Olga has a special God-given talent to touch people in a very sensitive, loving, and healing way. So, the first RTT therapy session – was a strong irreversible transformational experience – of true better me.

Transformational Audio Recording recorded by Olga, which I  listened to every day, strengthened this experience. Olga’s voice is very unobtrusive, caring, touching  – just for you. Following coaching sessions and discussions with Olga, helped me to discern and break from some wrong habits, perceptions that held me back.

After 30 days from the first session I was different, better, lots of energy and ideas,  like somebody turned the switch in me. I was not only able to apply to different jobs but, most importantly, after getting job offers, choose the one that best suited my talents and my further perspectives.

I absolutely recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching sessions with Olga, because change comes not from reading books, but from deep embodied experiences that the RTT method and Olga Willemsen provides. And with Olga, you are in really good hands.

Lina Metlevskiene, USA

All The Tools To Be Successful in Relationships

A month ago I did RTT therapy with Olga to create closer relationships. She helped me to get deep into myself and work on myself. Immediately after the first session I already noticed improvements, but after the last coaching session, I was sure that I had received all the tools from her to be successful. She is very knowledgeable and patient. It was well worth it! Thank you for this beautiful experience!

Lúcia Dias, Netherlands

Great Competence in Solving Health Problems

After several health problems and frequent visits to the doctors who could not solve my problems, I found RTT therapy.
At first, I was skeptical that I could be helped in this way, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
After just one session, my anxiety diminished, and I felt I could understand and control processes in my body.
After just a few weeks I was well again!
Mrs. Willemsen has a very empathetic and calm nature. Through this and her great competence, you quickly gain confidence.
I can highly recommend New Empowered You!

Jessie. Germany

Confidently Moving Forward

Olga is an amazing therapist. She made me feel completely at ease. I had confidence problems. She helped me to understand why I have this problem and now I am able to leave my negative thoughts behind and move forward I am feeling much better. I highly recommend her.
Thank you.

Lucy Caunce, UK

Confidence in Interactions and in Building Relationships

Basically, my issue is that I find it difficult to communicate easily in group situations. I often keep quiet in group discussions, as I don’t think other people will find what I have to say interesting, or funny. Sometimes I will think in my head about something interesting to say, but before I decide to contribute to the conversation, it has moved on. Also often people don’t look at me when they are talking, they look at other people and talk to other people in the group, and I keep trying to understand how others perceive me and whether it’s something I do that puts them off!! It makes this difficult to make social connections.

At work also, I have always found it difficult to build relationships with colleagues and know how to handle certain personalities.

However, even though I wanted to try RTT, I wasn’t sure it would work because I considered myself to be an introvert, and didn’t think it was possible to change this.

After the session, I quickly started to notice that I found myself more confident in my interactions with others. I noticed I was more spontaneous, and also making more jokes, which is something I never do. I really did feel like I could let go of a lot of things that were holding me back before. I even noticed being more confident in some of my family interactions which is not something I expected. I also noticed people starting to look at me more in group conversations, and that was a revelation to me because I could feel this really was making a difference.

So overall I found RTT really helpful, it has really helped me understand how to unlock the confidence in myself. I would thoroughly recommend Olga, she was very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable, and really encouraged me throughout the whole process.

Jane, UK

Getting Out of My Own Way to Success

I would highly recommend working with Olga, I have spoken with, and been doing the work she has set me over about 6 weeks now and the results have been amazing. 

Before going to Olga for help I felt stuck in my business, with my levels of confidence and as if I was blocked and unsure why. This was making me feel stuck in many other areas of life and feel stressed and upset. 

Olga has been so lovely and caring and really made me realize why I felt so blocked. These blocks have steadily been clearing for me and I feel so much freer and clearer and more confident now. 

I feel the work we have been doing has had rapid changes in me and I know now I am getting out of my own way. This would have taken me such a long time, if at all if I had not chosen to go ahead and work together with Olga. 

I cannot thank you enough for your time, your care, and the amazing work you do, and the results you have helped me achieve in my life.

Emma Hixon, Manchester, UK