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How to Lose Weight Fast With Hypnosis

Have you tried to lose weight and given up each time after a round of diet? Do you hate exercising or maybe you spend endless hours in the gym just to find out on the scales that your weight didn’t go down?

There has been built a huge weight loss industry offering low-caloric diets, foods, shakes, supplements, appetite-suppressing medicines, and even surgeries including gastric bands, along with big promises. But what if you do everything but still cannot get rid of the stubborn kilos?

Have you already thought about the psychological aspect of carrying excess weight and weight loss issues? Hypnotherapy helps lose weight without trying hard and keeps the extra kilos away. In this blog post, I explain how hypnotherapy works for weight management and share my clients’ success stories.

Why do people gain weight?

Obesity is a large concern to the World Health Organisation because its rates in the world tripled since 1975.

According to Our World in Numbers, one-in-five children and adolescents, globally, are overweight. 13% of adults in the world are obese and 39% are overweight.

Obesity is one of the leading risks of premature death but research does not have a clear answer to why overweight and obesity become more and more spread.

The factors that contribute to excessive weight are for example genetics, environmental pollution, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement and exercise, and high-fat, high-sugar, but low-micro-nutrient foods.

Why Weight-Loss Diets Fail

The more you restrict your caloric intake the more vital nutrients will be lacking in your food the more your body will crave food, and the harder it will be for you to stick to the diet. Caloric restriction leads not just to fat loss but also to undesired lean body mass and can even cause health issues.

I am a great believer that our body needs high amounts of high-quality protein, and fat, as well as micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and other biologically active compounds in order to function properly.

weight management | hypnotherapy | hypnotherapist | new empowered you | olga willemsen

So, I advocate for nutritious protocols, like the Modern Hunter-Gatherer Protocol developed by Dr. Terry Wahls.

The Hunter-Gatherer protocols reduce the intake of carbohydrates. But studies show that there is no difference between the efficiency of carb-restricted and fat-restricted diets for weight loss as long as you ensure the intake of proteins and other vital nutrients, and don’t overeat.

In order to see results, you need to stick to a caloric restriction diet long enough and such long deprivation is mentally hard, especially when results don’t come easily.

Certain food cravings are also hard to overcome. Typical cravings are for sugar, carbs, or processed foods high in fat.

This all results in the yo-yo dieting effect – quick weight gain after the diet is finished after which you need to start all over again.

Weight management tips:

  • exclude processed, fast foods and foods that you are sensitive to
  • add freshly made nutrient-rich foods with each of your meals
  • avoid overeating

Appetite and Its Suppressants

Another way to lose weight is to suppress the appetite with the help of medicines or supplements or even gastric band surgery that restricts the ability to eat and digest. There are also available other medicines and supplements for weight loss that suppress nutrient assimilation or speed up fat metabolism.

Appetite suppression as well as suppression of nutrient absorption have the same drawbacks as calory-restriction diets described above. In addition, medicines but also supplements can have negative side effects on your health like constipation or anxiety.
Supplements have been shown ineffective for fat loss.

Weight-loss medicines treat only symptoms and do not address the underlying psychological root causes of being overweight or obese. Therefore the chances are high that you will regain weight after stopping using the medicine or supplement.

How satiety works

Your body is intelligent. It registers the fullness of your stomach but also measures the amounts of nutrients in your food, especially amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids originating from proteins and plant oils respectively.

The richer is your food in nutrients the sooner you will experience satiety. Fiber-rich vegetables enhance and prolong the feeling of stomach fullness. And oppositely, nutrient- and fiber-poor foods delay satiety and you will eat more of them. For example, if you are hungry and start eating popcorn you can eat a ton until you fill up your stomach and will not feel satiety.

It is beneficial to increase the variety of foods especially the sorts of vegetables that you eat. Each vegetable has unique nutrient composition and affects your body in a unique way. The wider the variety of vegetables that you eat the wider the range of nutrients that you get.

Also, the rich flavor of foods enhances satisfaction and helps achieve satiety sooner. You can serve a wider variety of foods and combine sour, sweet, bitter, and stringent flavors in your meal. Spice up your meals for example with Italian or Thai herbs and spices.

It has been shown that eating slowly, i.e. prolonged chewing enhances satiation as well.

Weight management tips:

Satiety is achieved sooner:

  • choosing nutrient-rich foods, especially protein, fat with unsaturated fatty acids, and fiber
  • serving a wide variety of foods, especially vegetables and fruits
  • combining flavors and using spices
  • eating slowly

Physical Exercise for Weight Loss

Any exercise can help you to reduce your weight: from yoga through workouts to running, in the gym, outside, or at home.

The research showed that naturally lean people are even without exercise simply moving more instead of spending time still. This includes even micro-movements like fidgeting your fingers, feet, or legs.

physical exercise for weight loss | wellbeing blog

As you for sure know, it is not the calory burning through the exercise itself that helps you to lose weight and stay lean but increased muscle mass because of the energy that muscles consume.

Also breathing exercises can be helpful for weight management.

Weight management tips:

  • Move more daily
  • Do any exercise that you are capable of even if it is just a walk

The problem that one may face is the absence of motivation to do any kind of exercise, sabotaging own health.

And another extreme can be binge exercising. These can come in phases and alternate with binge eating and are rather harmful to health.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is effective in getting into shape because it has a very individual and all-around approach to every client. Working with weight issues I deal with four aspects:

  • Metabolism
  • Cravings
  • Mindset around weight and weight loss
  • Self-esteem

Every person with weight issues faces these four aspects but to a different extent.

1. Metabolism Rate

There are lean people who can eat anything and they don’t put on any weight. And there are people who put on weight just from looking at food.

The difference between these people can be in their general mobility, physical activity, and lean muscle mass but also in their digestion and metabolism rates.

It is known that the microbiome is directly affecting digestion and metabolism rates. A healthy microbiome speeds up digestion and metabolism. And you can influence your microbiome, and maintain its health by eating foods that are high in fiber and micro-nutrients.

Hypnotherapy uses effective visualizations in order to speed up metabolism and fat loss.

2. Food Cravings

On restriction diets, it is hard to resist your favorite foods. Most known cravings are for sugar, carbohydrates, and fat-rich foods.

You can reduce cravings for carbs and fat-rich foods by eating nourishing meals containing protein and a big variety of vegetables and by spicing up your meals.

Sugar craving 1

Sugar cravings are hard to overcome because your body is programmed for it. For most of humanity’s existence, sugar was scarce and the human body craved it in order to eat more in the seasons when sweet fruits or honey were available.

Interestingly, sugar craving has a dual mechanism. The sweet taste is registered in your mouth but also stomach registers the presence of sugar in the consumed food. Both send signals to the brain to require more sweets.

With hypnotherapy, you can control cravings and for that, it is important to address the last two aspects of excess weight.

Chocolate craving

Cacao is a super food packed with minerals and antioxidants with multiple health benefits. But craving for chocolate with high sugar content can make you eat large amounts of it and lead to undesired weight gain.

In my practice, I saw that chocolate craving can be a sign of exhaustion and a need for deep rest.

There are certain situations in life when you might be sleep deprived, like parents of young children. But it is important to rest and have sufficient sleep.

Deep relaxation in hypnosis can provide sound rest and seize the chocolate craving.

3. Mindset Around Weight Loss

Beliefs strongly influence our emotional states and behavior.

In the case of weight issues, you might have multiple limiting beliefs about your weight, for example

  • Everybody in my family is overweight and that’s the reason I am overweight
  • It is hard to stick to a diet
  • I deprive myself of great pleasure when I diet
  • If I lose any weight at all, I gain it back in no time
  • I hate exercising or I don’t have time for that, and so on

The longer you try to lose weight the stronger become your beliefs, and the harder it gets to fight with the extra kilos. You lose your motivation, your mentality gets in your way and you start sabotaging yourself.

Alia Crum proved in her fascinating studies that your mindset influences weight loss. She showed that you can stay satiated longer and your weight loss can be accelerated with positive beliefs.

In Crum’s study participants stayed longer satiated when they believed that they ingested a high-caloric food. In another study, participants lost weight easier when they believed that the physical strain during their work is good for their shape.

Hypnotherapy disarms your negative and limiting beliefs and makes the path to your ideal weight easier. The easiest way to get rid of limiting beliefs is to improve your self-esteem.

4. Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem and negative beliefs about yourself can be the real underlying cause of stubborn excess weight. In my practice, I saw a variety of limiting beliefs that caused unhealthy habits and being overweight.

Such beliefs form in childhood and subconsciously affect you for the rest of your life.

Low self-esteem can be the true cause of cravings besides the biological mechanisms of craving:

M. loved cooking and treating her food. In doing that she would often cook and bake, eat too much and paid for that by carrying excess kilos. She was not able to pick up physical exercises.

In the root cause hypnotherapy, M. learned that as a child she didn’t receive recognition in her family. And it was only when she baked cookies or cakes that she received generous compliments.

From childhood on, M. possessed low self-esteem which made her crave for recognition and she used cooking and treating her food to get some recognition and to feel better about herself.

After correcting the subconscious belief and raising her self-worth, M. was able to change her relationship with food effortlessly and also start exercising regularly. The positive weight and shape changes followed immediately and were sustainable.

The absence of love and recognition in your childhood can create an unfillable void:

P. had several uncontrollable behaviors. One of them was compulsive binge eating resulting in obesity and related health issues.

The root cause hypnotherapy uncovered the underlying story of a girl that felt abandoned and unloved. The unfulfilled need for care and love created an enormous emotional gap and made her to keep compulsively filling it.

Hypnotherapy helped P. restore self-worth and belief in personal lovability. This supported new effortless and sustainable healthy behavior.

The next root cause of the excess weight is a subconscious feeling of being unsafe and in danger:

A. was excessively exercising in the gym almost harming her body. At the same time she didn’t eat enough. But she wasn’t loosing weight because after a phase of binge exercising she used to binge eat. Anything she tried didn’t reduce her weight.

In a regression session, she uncovered and processed her feelings of not being safe in her own body, the story of sexual abuse in her family. She hadn’t found protection in her family and her only desire was to be big and strong in order to protect herself.

The fear from her childhood was driving A.’s binge exercising and eating behavior creating excess weight and large body.

After A. changed her subconscious beliefs, she was able to raise her self-worth and to take best care of her self – to get a healthy portion of physical exercise and to easily stick to a healthy eating protocol. And this delivered a steady improvement in her weight.

There are also cases when a child observes an unfavorable situation and wishes to help but feels helpless. For example, a child wants to protect the mother from beating by the father or the partner or to help in the case when a parent or a sibling is seriously sick for a prolonged time.

Unconsciously, the child believes that being larger would help the situation and that he or she will become able to protect or support the family member. This unconscious belief can make the child put on excess weight.

In adulthood, you are most often not aware of the beliefs formed in childhood and affecting your physical and emotional health. Regression therapy helps to uncover and understand unconscious beliefs and how they influence you. These beliefs can then be changed and your health and wellbeing will then improve.

Are you tired of trying to lose 10 or even 50 kg and get into shape? Are you ready to improve your relationship with yourself, your body, and your food? Book a call with me and we will create a personal weight loss plan for you:

Conclusions – Easy Weight Loss with Hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapy is useful in uncovering the root causes of your behavior contributing to excess weight – unconscious limiting beliefs. Hypnotherapy helps to change those beliefs.
  • New positive beliefs allow you to adopt healthy behaviors easily and sustainably.
  • The hypnotherapy weight loss program helps overcome cravings and mental blocks about healthy living and regulates metabolism.
  • Weight management becomes easy.


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