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Reprogram Your Brain for Success

Have you ever wished to be a different person, a better version of yourself – smarter, more successful, luckier, fitter, healthier, more confident, a better partner, a better parent, and so on?

Well, it is possible to change your behavior and life. But for this, you need to reprogram your brain.

Updating Your Brain

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Just think of how technology evolved over a couple of decades. How often have you updated or changed the apps that you used? How often have you changed your mobile phones to newer and better versions?

Your mind creates and uses programs (apps) that determine your behavior.

Are you aware of updating your mental programs? If not, the old programs can be the reason for being unable to keep up with the speed and demands of your current life.

Conscious Mind/Learning Driving

Your conscious mind makes up about five percent of its total capacity. So, its capacity and speed are very limited.

You experience this when you learn something new, for example, driving. Do you still remember being lost, stressed, and hectic about using different pedals, switching gears, observing, and reacting to the traffic around?

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Subconscious Mind/Driving Skill

That was not easy, but with time, you got better. So that now, you do not need to think about the gears or pedals. You don’t need even to be entirely concentrated only on the traffic.

In fact, you might arrive at work without being much aware of how you drove there. While driving, you can listen to the radio, talk to your child, and think about something totally unrelated to driving.

This is possible because your mind created a program that runs automatically, or unconsciously. Your mind has a vast capacity for creating such programs – speaking languages, writing, typing, or any other skills, but also your social and professional behavior.

The big advantage of these subconscious programs is that they allow us to react fast without thinking.

Programming Your Mind

Whenever you encounter, let’s say, a problem, you look for a solution. If you keep facing the same problem, you will keep trying to solve it.

You will choose one of the solutions and behaviors that serve you best. Repeating this behavior will make it automatic in any similar situation. Your nervous system gets wired to respond in a specific way.

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Any experience is represented in your brain by an electrical pattern, like a code. Your memories are also kept in your brain as electrical patterns.

Whenever the pattern of a new experience resembles the old one – the corresponding subconscious program is activated, and the corresponding neural pathways fire, giving a fast reaction.

The Evolution from Child to Grownup

Well, you start creating unconscious programs from the beginning of your life and continue using them for the rest of your life.

But you’ve made a massive evolution from a tiny dependent baby to an independent grownup. And some subconscious programs created early in life can become outdated, hindering, or even harmful later in life.

If you ask yourself why you want to achieve something but are not able to, why you face a particular issue in life and cannot overcome it, then most probably, you run the same subconscious program without updating it.

Such outdated subconscious programs can even lead to disorders like anxiety and depression. Every chronic disease has a psychological element to it as well.

Helpless child | Grownup adult | reprogram your brain | new empowered you | wellbeing blog

There are No Perfect Parents

See, when you were a child your well-being and survival depended on your family, your parents. No one has perfect parents. No matter how much parents love their children, no one is a perfect parent.

Parents cannot avoid accidents or illnesses either. Those will affect children as well.

There are even parents who excessively harm their children – alcoholic, neglecting, abusive parents. Abuse can be psychological, physical, or sexual.

So, almost every person has traumatic events in their childhood.

Children are dependent and helpless

Helpless child | new empoweerd you | olga willemsen | hypnotherapy | hypnotherapist
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When children are in unfavorable situations they cannot even adequately understand what is happening.

Having alcoholic parents, fighting parents, or abusive parents, the child does not stop loving parents and does not doubt them.

Instead, this child will doubt and blame herself and will think: “What is wrong with me? I am not good enough.”

So the child cannot comprehend the situation adequately. It cannot speak up for itself. It is also helpless and cannot change the situation – cannot stop parents from fighting, drinking, or abusing it.

The child cannot leave the situation either.

Instead, the child learns helplessness and creates behavior that allows it to co-exist with the family in that specific situation. This becomes an automatic, programmed, subconscious behavior.

A Child in You

But every child grows up. As a grownup, you gain a better understanding of human behavior and the strength to speak up for yourself and defend yourself. As an adult, you gain a choice either to put up with a particular situation, change it or leave it.

Unhealed trauma | reprogram your brain | new empowered you | wellbeing blog

But in certain situations and relationships, your behavior will keep repeating over and over again, reproducing your childhood experiences.

It is as if a helpless child looks through your eyes like through windows in your current life and does not know how to cope with it.

And sometimes, when you attempt to steer the wheel of your life, this three-four-year-old toddler will be screaming and trying to take over.

Is it a good idea to let a toddler make decisions in your life?

To stop experiences from repeating, you need to change the subconscious program.

Brain Plasticity

Humans are the only species on Earth whose brain retains the ability to change during their whole lives. Your brain can unlearn old stuff and learn new things at any time in your life.

Such neural plasticity gives you the ability to learn and adapt to an ever-changing life.

But you cannot unlearn a subconscious behavior using conscious efforts. Remember, the subconscious is fast and vast, but the conscious mind is slow and limited.

Because of its limited potential, the conscious mind is compared to the tip of the iceberg above the ocean. Whereas the subconscious mind is compared to the invisible, significantly greater, underwater part of the iceberg.

Reprogram Your Brain for Success

You can stop procrastination and anxiety, recover from burnout, get rid of depression, and become healthier, happier, and more successful if you update and reprogram your mind.

You will be able to become a much better version of yourself and enjoy your life much more.

Transformational hypnotherapy offers techniques to access your subconscious mind. It allows you to get an understanding of your past and present behavior.

Hypnotherapy empowers you to update your subconscious mind and, therefore, also your behavior the way you want it, the way you choose it.


How can I make use of your help?

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  • Your mind creates subconscious programs that allow you to react fast without much thinking.
  • Some subconscious programs can hinder you and even cause disorders.
  • Reprogramming your brain can end procrastination and stop anxiety or depression, allowing you to become healthier, happier, and more successful.
  • Transformational hypnotherapy possesses the right tools and offers a fast and reliable reprogramming of your brain.

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Are you aware of any ways of thinking or behaving that repeat but do not serve your personal goals and desires?

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