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Solution for Depression

Main Cause of Disability

Depression is the second most common mental disorder and the main cause of disability worldwide. Globally, an estimated 264 million people were affected by depression in 2017.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression can range from mild to moderate to severe, with symptoms like

  • reduced self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • ideas of guilt and unworthiness;
  • reduced concentration and attention.

Depressed people have pessimistic views of the future. Depression may cause disturbed sleep and diminished appetite, and lead to ideas or acts of self-harm or suicide.

Causes of Depression

As with anxiety disorder, depression can be caused by abuse, trauma, negative life events, or chronic illness and pain.

Social isolation is one of the recognized reasons for depression.

It has been scientifically shown in young adults that a poor diet has a strong influence on mental health. A brief diet intervention can reduce symptoms of depression.

Some medications, such as isotretinoin (used to treat acne), the antiviral drug interferon-alpha, and corticosteroids, can increase the risk of depression.

Treatment of Depression

Antidepressants are named to be some of the best treatments for depression by webmd.com. But these drugs don’t cure depression. So that one needs to continue medication even after starting to feel better.

Psychotherapy (or talk therapy) or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are also widely used.

Nevertheless, the results are slow and these therapies cannot prevent flare-ups of depression.

RTT mental health tips | Rapid Transformational Therapy
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Hypnotherapy for Depression

Transformational hypnotherapy considers three main reasons for depression:

Harsh self-talk

Harsh self-criticizing is hurtful and damaging to the person. “I am stupid. I am a loser. It is all my fault.” – such self-talk is typical for people with low self-esteem and causes depression.

The reason for such language is low self-esteem and negative beliefs about yourself formed in childhood. Such beliefs are deeply rooted in your unconscious mind and drive your thinking and behavior.

To change them, you need to work with your unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for that.

Not following the heart’s desire

Not following the heart’s desire is robbing your life of meaning and purpose. For example, if you do not learn and work in your dream profession.


Social isolation has become a norm of modern life. This does not allow us to feel that we belong and are part of the community. Connection and belonging are essential to humans.


Hypnotherapy empowers clients and helps:

  • to gain high self-esteem,
  • to recognize and start following the heart’s desires or
  • to break through loneliness.

Treating the very root cause of depression, hypnotherapy ensures a fast and sustainable way to regain hopefulness, joy, and liveliness.

Client’s Testimonial

Before the first session with Olga, I was in a pretty difficult situation. I was in a deep and prolonged depression, because of some big losses I had experienced three years ago. For those three years I  was a stay-at-home mom, quite depressed, jobless, and not even being able to look for a job.  I was glad that Olga  agreed to work with me.

In the very first  RTT session going through all my life’s most important/difficult events, I experienced a deep, embodied understanding of true, better me. Olga has a special God-given talent to touch people in a very sensitive, loving, and healing way. So, the first RTT session – was a strong irreversible transformational experience – of true better me.

Transformational Audio Recordings recorded by Olga, which I  listened to every day, strengthened this experience. Olga’s voice is very unobtrusive, caring, touching  – just for you. Following coaching sessions and discussions with Olga, helped me to discern and break from some wrong habits, perceptions that held me back.

After 30 days from the first session I was different, better, lots of energy and ideas,  like somebody turned the switch in me. I was not only able to apply to different jobs but, most importantly, after getting job offers, choose the one that best suited my talents and my further perspectives.

I absolutely recommend Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching sessions with Olga, because change comes not from reading books, but from deep embodied experiences that the RTT method and Olga Willemsen provides. And with Olga, you are in really good hands.

Lina Metlevskiene, USA

Depression Q&A

Can you ever fully recover from depression?

Depression is not an inborn state. It develops later in life, usually triggered by certain challenging events or circumstances.

Your mind’s main goal is to secure your survival on this planet. If you encounter unfavorable conditions growing up at home: neglect, violence, abuse — your mind comes up with a survival behavior.

Such behavior becomes an unconscious, automatic program. Typically, a program of low self-esteem, self-blame, and not taking action can lead later in life to depression.

This is only an adaptation of your mind.

If you use therapies that can address unconscious behavior, you can achieve fast and lasting improvements. This is based on the neuroplasticity (ability to change) of your brain.

Hypnotherapy is an efficient method to deal with depression and its root causes.
Additional lifestyle changes will support your well-being.

Though drugs can create a certain extent of mental stability, they do not address the root cause or cure depression.

My whole family struggles with depression; I know it’s only a matter of time before it hits me, too. Is there any way I can prevent it?

We are what we believe about ourselves. Our life is what we believe about it. So, in the first place, change your belief about depression.

Give yourself a thousand answers about how you are different from any family member and why you will not get depressed.

Your mind has the ability to mirror the behavior of the people surrounding you. This has been helping you to learn complex social behavior and adapt to your environment.

So, instead of adopting the depressive behavior of your family, actively create your environment
* do things that you like, enjoy, and love!
* surround yourself and create relationships with people who support you and bring joy into your life!
* create a lifestyle that supports mental and physical health — spend time outside in daylight, walk, and do sports.

Take action daily to create the life you wish for yourself.

Is it okay to quit a job that’s making me depressed and anxious?

You take yourself with you wherever you go. You will probably be stressed in the next job as well.

If the reason for your stress is not being able to deal with the environment, even if you quit the job, you need to work on your resilience. Ideally, you want to achieve the state of not coping with the job but striving in the job and your work environment, correct?

If the real reason for your stress is that you are not doing the job you are passionate about it is the right decision to start following your passion.

What can you do when someone you love is suffering from depression?

Talk to them, convincing them to take action, to get professional help, and to look for working alternative treatments.

How do you know you have depression in comparison to a simple period of sadness?

Depression is a diagnosis made by specialists to apply treatment accordingly. Typically, these are antidepressants and psychotherapy (or talk therapy).

As a hypnotherapist, I work with the exact experiences, emotions, and feelings of the client. Some of the clients have a diagnosis but have not had relief from the symptoms during the medical treatment. Others don’t go to a doctor or have any diagnosis, though they have multiple symptoms of a certain condition for an extended period of time.

Treating the person and the root cause of their issue, using the brain’s ability to change (plasticity) unconscious behavior programming, hypnotherapy allows clients to achieve fast and permanent relief of their symptoms and improve their life quality in general.

Do you get more depressed the older you get?

Depression has a certain root cause, like an unconscious negative belief about own unworthiness. The root cause usually originates from childhood because of the environment and how you were treated as a child.

Such an unconscious negative belief can cause depression already in teenagers or later in life when you face new challenges, and start new phases of your life. But the longer you with the unconscious negative belief, the more troubles it creates, like choosing the wrong partners, broken relationships, burnouts, failing careers, etc.

How do I always feel more depressed at night?

Your mind is wired to rest at night. Being awake at night makes any person unhappy.

Your mind loves sunshine, being active during the day, and needs rest at night.

You can shift your sleeping routine easily and fast by following the simple rules:

1. view the early morning sunlight, go out for at least 10 minutes
2. spend time outside during the day as much as possible
3. stop using upper artificial lights when it turns dark outside and stop using any screen devices (computer, phone, TV, etc.) at least 2 hours before going to bed.

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Depression is the second most common disorder and the #1 cause of disability worldwide.

Raising self-esteem and the feeling of self-worth give permanent relief from depression.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a powerful therapy that can heal emotional wounds and bring back hopefulness, joy, and liveliness.

What is helping you to keep your moods high?

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