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Are You a Lifelong Learner?

I’ve always been enjoying learning new things – a lifelong learner. And nowadays there is so much knowledge available to us at our fingertips –  books, podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos, and courses! 

The most frustrating becomes the shortage of time to read, listen, or watch everything that I already carefully sorted out and put on my highest-priority list.

I do listen to podcasts and watch videos at an increased speed to save time. And I am satisfied with how I keep up with my favorite podcasts. 

But my reading list seemed to be only growing – I added new books to my Amazon wish list, but there were hardly any books leaving it. I used to consider myself a slow reader

And I believed my memory was not great, I could easily forget what I read about.

But this changed after I read Limitless by Jim Kwik!

Boy with a Broken Brain

Jim Kwik is one of the most known coaches on fast reading and learning. His mission is not to leave anyone behind. And he is passionate about it because as a child he had head traumas and could not read and therefore learn for a long time. He was even called “a boy with a broken brain” and almost dropped out of school.

But fortunately, he stumbled upon books on how to learn. He kept reading and training himself. How to learn is hardly taught in the contemporary school system. Jim was so successful that now he is a thriving and famous coach and author.

lifelong learner | fast reading | efficient learning | new empowered you | olga willemsen | hypnotherapy | the hague

Lifelong Learners

Your ability to learn is one of the important factors determining how successful you are in your life and how influential you are as a leader. Be it Jim Kwik, Oprah Winfrey, Antony Robbins, Elon Musk, or Bill Gates, they all keep reading and learning their whole life.

Fast Reading

Why would you want to improve your reading speed? Reading faster doesn’t only save time but also allows your brain to focus and comprehend better what you read.

Here are some tips on fast reading from Jim Kwik’s book:

  • Read With Your Eyes
    The most limiting factor in slow reading is that you say silently every word in your mind as you read. So, your reading speed becomes limited by the speed of your speech.
    But your eyes and mind can read much faster – even groups of words at once. And it is important to untrain saying the words that you read in your head.
  • Point With Your Finger
    In order to read faster you need to stay focused on the text. Moving your finger along the lines of the book attracts the attention of your eyes and mind and makes it easy to follow the lines.
    As a child, you naturally pointed at the words with your finger but then unlearned this at school. Now you can start using this natural hack again.
  • Practice daily
    Practicing reading fast trains your mind. You can continuously improve your reading speed. 
    You can read for example 10 minutes daily, or longer, 10 pages a day or more.

Efficient Learning

And of course, you want to internalize better what you read.

You probably already mark the important learning points in the books you read. Making notes, especially hand-written helps you further with memorizing them.
I especially valued the tip from the book on making notes and writing down how you can apply the specific knowledge in your own life.

You will learn and remember even better if you repeat what you’ve learned, tell and teach someone else what you’ve read, just like I did in this post 🙂

Why you can learn 

Learning happens due to changes in your brain, so-called neural plasticity. The human brain is most flexible and capable of learning in childhood and puberty. But it stays capable of adjusting and re-wiring throughout your life. And the more you make use of the plasticity the easier is your learning process.

Hypnotherapy is a very efficient way to achieve fast and profound changes in your brain’s wiring, get rid of anxiety, lose weight, or improve your sleep. You can achieve permanent changes with ease. If you want to explore what hypnotherapy can do for you you can book a free and non-binding discovery call with me here:

Conclusion & Resources

The human brain can learn the whole life, but you can benefit immensely from improving your reading and learning skills. I even stopped considering myself a slow reader or having a poor memory after learning from Jim Kwik.

You can also learn from the famous coach Jim Kwik:

  1. you can read his book “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life”
  2. watch his webinar on YouTube
  3. listen to his podcast “Kwik Brain” (on any podcast platform)

Do you know other great resources on fast reading and efficient learning? Hit a reply button and share those with me!

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