Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Transform Your Mindset and Life

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Are you tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

Do you suffer from panic attacks, making it difficult to live the life you want? You’re not alone. Many people struggle with anxiety and feel like they’re trapped in survival mode.

If you have anxiety you most probably

  • experience low self-esteem,
  • loss of control over your own life, and
  • struggle to perform in professional settings
  • especially giving presentations
  • or speaking up in meetings

But don't worry, there's hope

As a certified hypnotherapist and coach, I’ve helped many clients overcome their anxiety, gain control over their minds, and restore their self-esteem.

Through our work together, you can achieve:

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Approach to Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

  1. We begin by working on your past where you formed unconscious beliefs. Those beliefs drive your unconscious behavior which makes up about 95% of your thinking and acting. It is important to first disarm negative and limiting beliefs coming from the past.
  2. After that, we work on the current habitual and unconscious ways of thinking and reacting:
    • I teach you to understand your mind,
    • you learn and apply efficient tools to steer your mind in the direction you desire, and
    • we apply hypnotherapy to create additional breakthroughs.

Changing habitual (or automatic) behaviors is easy after eliminating negative beliefs that supported them. It is also fast when we apply hypnotherapy, raise your awareness and use efficient tools. 

The whole program consists of five weekly sessions. And you play a central and active role in the whole process.

At the end of the program, we create a personalized plan that will help you easily sustain and keep improving your results.

Client satisfaction agreement:

Because in hypnotherapy we work with the unconscious mind, the changes you achieve are effortless, fast, and lasting. Also, you don’t simply develop strategies to deal with your feelings and emotions, but you change the way you feel.

Here's how we can work together to help you transform:

Don’t let anxiety hold you back. Avoid failure by overcoming growing anxiety, frequent panic attacks, burnout, taking medication without feeling better, and compromising your career and relationships.

Let’s work together to help you regain control over your mind and live the life you deserve and desire.

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Transforming Lives: Hypnotherapy for Anxiety - Real Stories, Real Results

Read what my clients are saying after going through the hypnotherapy and hypnocoaching program with me:

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Happy, Energized And Living In The Moment After Being On Border To Burnout

When I contacted Olga I was on the edge of having the second burnout in my life. Being a new mom and taking care of my step-children, life was busy, hectic and my anxieties sneak up on me. I couldn’t find the rest, my inner peace, and the joy of life. The panic attacks came more frequently and I wanted a change, right away!

After the session I felt the difference, I wasn’t that stressed out anymore. My husband saw the change immediately and I felt happy, energized, secure and I was living in the moment.

I’m very thankful for the method and Olga’s coaching. Everything is so clear now and life is good.

Olga is an amazing, caring person willing to help others with their problems and be the best version of yourself. The RTT was mind-blowing and the outcome made so much sense. Olga will give you the tools and guide you. Trust the process, yourself and Olga, and enjoy!

Charito Loyola, Netherlands

From Overwhelming Insecurity to Being Much Happier and Confident


Before I came to Olga I was very insecure about myself around others and this really stood in the way of everyday life.

When Olga started to work with me, she was very understanding and patient and she helped me through the RTT-process step by step. Each time we spoke, she explained how the mind works and this gave me insight into how to deal with my insecurity.

After my RTT- session and the follow-up sessions I began to see myself differently and now I feel much happier and confident thanks to Olga!

A.H., Netherlands

If you have doubts that hypnotherapy is suitable for you, you can perform a hypnotisability test here: