Hypnotherapy for Sleep Issues: Upgrade Your Unconscious Mind for Healthy Restful Sleep

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Do you struggle with getting healthy, restful sleep?

Do you find your mind racing and unable to calm down, suffering from insomnia or have regular nightmares, leading to exhaustion?

You’re not alone. Many people suffer from sleep problems, which can negatively impact their physical and mental health, and accelerates aging.

I experienced how it feels not to be able to sleep and get proper rest night after night over a long period of time.

At some point, chronic lack of sleep affects also your relationships and career making you feel:

  • exhausted
  • unfocused and unconcentrated
  • unproductive
  • short-tempered
  • out of control of your own mind

But there is a solution for Insomnia

Hypnotherapy can help you take control of your own mind and achieve healthy, uninterrupted sleep. I know it on my own experience and experience with my clients.

Through our work together, you can achieve:

sleep issues | insomnia | healthy sleep | energized | hypnotherapy | hypnotherapist | new empowered you | olga willemsen

Hypnotherapy Approach to Dealing with Sleep Issues

Most of my clients have sleep issues along with main issues like anxiety, burnout, or excess weight. Usually, we address sleep problems during a one-month of working together on the main issue or in an additional hypnocoaching session.

Client satisfaction agreement:

Because we will work with your subconscious mind using hypnotherapy, the changes you achieve are effortless and lasting.

Here's how we can work together:

Take action now and experience the benefits of healthy, restful sleep. Book a strategy call to kickstart your journey toward transformation.

Let’s work together to help you regain control over your mind and live the life you deserve and desire.

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Transforming Lives: Hypnotherapy for Insomnia and other Sleep Issues - Real Stories, Real Results

Here is what my clients were capable of achieving:

sleep issues | insomnia | deep sleep | uninterrapted sleep | hypnotherapy | hypnotherapist | new empowered you | olga willemsen

Falling asleep easily

These can be various things that keep you awake at night. Some people experience a non-stopping train of thoughts or worries, and others generate creative, positive ideas preoccupying them and preventing falling asleep.

Some of my clients followed elaborate protocols in the hope to fall asleep. After the therapy, they didn’t need those protocols.

Sleeping through

Another feature of proper sleep is sleeping through or going back to sleep easily when waking up at night. During sleep, you go through the repeating phases of light and deep sleep. And it is natural to wake up transitioning from the deep to the light phase of sleep. Waking up itself doesn’t affect the quality of your sleep but you do want to go back to sleep quickly and effortlessly. 

Deep sleep 

Your brain and body require deep phases of sleep in order to rest and recover properly.

Stopping nightmares

Nightmares have underlying psychological root causes which can be addressed with hypnotherapy. And then it is a matter of changing the habit of the brain of having them. I had a client who stopped nightmares that used to come in dreams every night for many years.

Peaceful waking-up

When you worry at night or have troubling dreams, you also wake up stressed. After working on your sleep with hypnotherapy, you can have a peaceful state of mind upon waking up.

Untraining brain

There might be a situation in your life when you cannot allow yourself to sleep properly like one of my clients that had a baby with a special condition. When the survival of your child depends on you, you can train your brain to only nod off lightly staying sensitive to the slightest sounds or movements of your child.

This client took care of her baby 24/7 and her mind did a perfect job keeping her alert. But even when the threat subsided, she was not able to sleep for almost two decades. Using hypnotherapy she untrained her brain staying awake and started having restful nights.

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