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Make the most of your breaths – discover how intentional breathing can help with stress and anxiety relief, weight loss, better focus, moods and resilience, and much more

Learn how light affects your sleep and three simple rules that will help you to restore your sleep - to fall asleep easily, sleep deeply, uninterruptedly and wake up rested.

Research shows that most people have a suboptimal level of vitamin D or even its deficiency. And though many people take a vitamin D supplement almost no one knows the difference between different vitamin D supplements or their vitamin D blood levels.

Behind any of our activities lay complex chemical reactions. If essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients are not available the biological-chemical reaction either cannot happen or go wrong, meaning that processes in our body go wrong which ultimately leads to diseases.

Sometimes emotions seem to take full control over you. But you can still influence them, calm down, and regain control using these three powerful techniques.

In this post, I bring your attention to the health effects of loneliness and the importance of authentic, heartfelt relationships and equip you with some tools for building meaningful connections.

For the four past years, my blood test results have been staying within the norm and indicating remission of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Here I share the secrets of staying in remission from the autoimmunity disorder

Neuroscience found that specific elements can make gratitude practice far more efficient than popular practices do. Such gratitude reduces anxiety and fear, increase positivity and motivation, reduce inflammation and increase brain ability to change.

Food intolerance or sensitivities are very common. They impact your well-being and in the long term, they may cause diseases. Food intolerance testing can become the most important step in restoring your health and wellbeing.

There are some common myths aroud hypnosis. And my purpose is to show you that if you are not using special states of your mind like hypnotic trance you are missing out on the exceptional abilities of your mind.

Your body needs various biochemicals that ideally should be present in your food. Read about a nutrient-rich diet to keep your mind healthy and fit.