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food sensitivity testing

Food intolerance testing can become the most important step in restoring your health and wellbeing. It is important to eliminate products that you are sensitive to from your diet. This will help you to restore your health if you already have any chronic diseases. In this video post, I talk about the tests that I've used myself - immunoglobuline and bioresonance tests, as well as FODMAP diet.

side effects of hypnosis | side effects of medicines

Hypnosis is a state of your mind. In hypnosis, the mind is relaxed and shows exceptional focus. This allows the mind to be highly suggestible and to change fast. Due to this special state, hypnosis is an exceptionally effective method for therapies. But what are there any known side effects of hypnosis? And let's compare those to the side effects of most used medicines.

Supplements for health and wellbeing

You don't believe in supplements, do you? Or maybe you do believe and take supplements. Watch this video to learn if supplements work, which supplements work and much more! I am talking in this video about the database Examine.com

Hypnotherapy | Misconceptions | Advantages

What do you think of when you hear the word Hypnosis? Are these people on a stage waving arms like wings and clucking like hens? There are some common misconceptions aroud hypnosis. Let's talk about them. My purpose is to show you that if you are not using special states of your mind like hypnotic trance you are missing out on the exceptional abilities of your mind.

child with mask

My two teenage daughters started going to school again after the second lockdown. On the first day, both of them came back from school exhausted and having headaches. They wore masks for about ten hours with JUST a couple of breaks in between, all according to the school’s protocol. In this post, I will discuss how children learn best and how wearing masks at school can influence the learning abilities of children from the point of view of biology and neuroscience.

Reprogram your mind

Have you ever wished to be a different person, a better version of yourself - smarter, more successful, luckier, fitter, healthier, more confident, a better partner, a better parent, and so on? Well, it is possible to change your behavior, to change your life. But for this, you need to reprogram your brain.

Hashimoto disease | autoimmuniy | remission

In this post, I am telling about my Hashimoto's journey and share my learnings with you that might inspire you to take action. My personal success story will explain why I am such a tireless advocate of conscious eating, taking supplements, and resolving psychological root causes of chronic diseases.

Sleep Issues | Insomnia | RTT therapy

Sleep Like a Baby

Sleep is nature’s restorer. It has a major effect on your health. Good sleep determines the quality of your day-life. It allows you to be alert and focused during the day. Learn how light affects your sleep and three simple rules to restore your sleep - to fall asleep easily, sleep deeply, uninterruptedly and wake up rested.

Pills Meds Health

We often tend to think that taking something in will help us with our psychological or physical health issues. At the same time, our mentality is crucial for our health, both psychological and physical.