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Take-a-Pill Mentality

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In a Drugstore

Recently I observed a scene in a drug store. A consultant was giving advice to a client.

This client had already been taking several supplements that that consultant advised her before. It was obvious that she was really upset but those supplements did not help her to feel well.

More is Better?

The consultant offered that client another supplement. A new supplement was supposed to help her to calm down and to uplift her moods.

The client readily took it. She was happy to take even more supplements just to feel better.

Taking a Pill is Easy

We often tend to think that taking something in will help us with our psychological or physical health issues.

Taking a pill does not require much effort and gives us a feeling of having done, having accomplished something, and having some control over the situation.

Supplements are Important

I am deeply convinced that nutritional supplements are important for our health. You can find scientifically proven benefits of many supplements for various conditions.

Our body needs a wide variety of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, herbs combining them, in order to work properly, in order for us to be fit. And supplements can help in cases when those cannot be obtained with nutrient-rich food.

But do supplements solve everything?

Negativity | Depression | Anxiety

Mentality Matters

Our mindset is crucial for our well-being and health. It matters

  • what thoughts we think about ourselves,
  • what language we use to talk to ourselves,
  • what beliefs we have about ourselves.

Mental and Physical Health

They matter both with psychological issues, like anxiety or depression. In fact, a negative attitude towards yourself can lead to depression.

But your mentality matters also with physical issues – chronic or autoimmune diseases, or pain.

Positivity | Mental Health | Physical health

Our negative beliefs, negative thoughts, negative self-talk words add wood to the fire of the health issue.

Be kind to yourself

  • Think positively about yourself
  • Tell kind, positive, and inspiring words to yourself
  • Believe in yourself, your uniqueness, capabilities, and your gifts
  • Forgive yourself anything and everything in order to move forward
  • Praise yourself

RTT Therapy to Change Your Mentality

Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you to change your mentality fast.

RTT therapy achieves permanent results because it can change the feelings and subconscious beliefs that formed a specific mentality, way of thinking.

When you change your beliefs, you change the foundation of your thinking. Then it becomes easy to change your thinking. Your decision-making will automatically change as well as your actions.

This transformed way of thinking and making your decisions allows you to create a totally different, much better life, the life of your choice.


Your mental condition is crucial for your health, both psychological and physical. This includes

  • beliefs about yourself,
  • thoughts about yourself,
  • self-talk words.

Tell positive, inspiring words to yourself, praise yourself, forgive yourself everything in order to move forward.

How easily do you forgive yourself? How often do you praise yourself?

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