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Sleep Like a Baby

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Importance of Sleep

Sleep is nature’s restorer. It has a major effect on your health.

Good sleep determines the quality of your day-life. It allows you to be alert and focused during the day.

Your whole body including your brain detoxifies and heals itself during sleep.

Hormone Melatonin makes you sleepy and keeps you asleep. But also it has a role of a powerful protector as the strongest antioxidant for your brain. 

Your brain stays active during the night. Only when you are asleep, your brain processes impressions and information that you collected during the day and it changes (neural plasticity takes place).

These neural processes allow you to learn and properly adjusts to your ever-changing environment.

So ideally, you want to fall asleep easily, sleep deeply, uninterruptedly and wake up rested.

Sleep Issues

Sleep issues

When we cannot sleep properly or enough all the above processes are disrupted and affect our wellbeing and health.

Sleep problems can be caused by different issues. One of the most significant is the disturbance of the inner rhythm.

Inner Rhythms

The Role of Light

Our life follows certain rhythms.

Sleep and wake alternation is just one of your inner rhythms. But also blood pressure and body temperature, appetite and digestion, mental alertness, and focus follow their own pattern each day.

All your inner rhythms are orchestrated by your brain. And the main external factor that regulates them is light.

Morning light sets inner clock

Sunlight enters your eyes and influences directly your brain.

Your brain recognizes daytime by the light intensity and its spectrum and sets the own inner clock.

Especially, it reacts to the morning and evening light. This is different from the daylight because of a larger yellow portion.

Artificial Lights

Sleep disturbed by screen light

Though electricity and artificial lights expanded our possibilities, unfortunately, they disturb our natural daily rhythms.

It was shown that the eyes become very sensitive to light at night.

Excessive use of screens (mobile, tablet, computer, TV) delays your circadian rhythm and sleep time.

The bright screen light at night does not only knock down the internal clock. It also activates the part of the brain called the habenula which is responsible for your cognitive and motivational functions.

Such activation of the habenula can cause dissatisfaction, poor cognitive function, and motivation, and even lead to anxiety and depression.

3 Easy Rules Restoring Sleep-Wake Rhythm

Sleep like a baby

In order to restore healthy sleep, we need to give our brain the correct information about the daytime using its language – sunlight. For this:

  1. Go out before 10 am and expose yourself to the morning light for at least 10 minutes. Even on a cloudy day, the light outside is brighter than inside.
  2. Dimm all lights in the house when it gets dark outside. Use low, weak lights instead of lights from the ceilings. The bright light coming from above gives our brain the signal of staying awake and alert.
  3. Stop using screens (TV, phone, tablet, computer) 2 hours before going to bed.

It is important to follow these simple rules consistently. And you will notice results very soon.

There have been conducted experiments where individuals with disturbed day rhythms went camping and did not use artificial lights.

The results showed that the natural rhythm of wake and sleep can be restored completely in just a couple of days (only one weekend).

Your inner clock adjusts completely if you expose yourself only to the natural light. 

Other Causes of Poor Sleep

Of course, your diet also plays an important role as your brain requires nutritious food to perform its sophisticated activities. And certain supplements can be taken to improve the quality of your sleep.

Hormonal changes, mostly in menopause are well known as sleep disrupters.

Sleep issues can also have psychological reasons, especially in cases when they are combined with anxiety and/or depression.

Those reasons are deeply rooted in our subconscious mind but can be effectively treated.

Rapid Transformational Therapy offers a fast and permanent solution to sleep issues treating the very root cause of the problem.


Good sleep determines the quality of your day-life.

Ideally, you want to fall asleep easily, sleep deeply, uninterruptedly and wake up rested.

Your brain sets your inner clock, the sleep and wake rhythm according to the sunlight, especially the rising and setting sunlight.

In order to restore your sleep it is extremely helpful to follow three simple rules:

  1. Go out before 10 am for 10 minutes
  2. Dimm all artificial lights at night
  3. Stop using screens 2 hours before going to bed

RTT therapy can be a great solution for sleep issues caused by psychological reasons.

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