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4 Crucial Steps to Beat Anxiety Fast

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Anxiety Emotion

Anxiety is actually a very normal emotion. That’s how our brain reacts to stress and prepares us for a potential danger ahead. 

It is okay to feel anxious from time to time. For example, you may get distressed facing a problem at work, or before taking an exam.

Anxiety Disorder

Having an anxiety disorder means living in constant and overwhelming anxiety and fear. Sudden, intense fear can lead to a panic attack.

The anxiety can worsen with age.

Anxiety disorder is nowadays the number one mental health concern people face and varies from 2.5 to 7 percent by country.

An estimated 284 million people suffered from anxiety disorders in 2017 and the numbers have been growing continuously. 

Causes and Treatment of Anxiety

Abuse, trauma, negative life events, and low self-esteem are considered to be some of the factors that can lead to anxiety disorder

Usually, people with anxiety disorder take medicines and go to counseling.

Counseling is talk therapy that takes months or even years. Often clients do not experience radical changes in their emotional state.

Four Crucial Steps to Beat Anxiety Fast

Even if anxiety disorders develop in adulthood and are related to certain events in our lives the reals cause of anxiety lays in our childhood. 

The root cause of anxiety is disbelief in our own power and abilities.

In order to beat anxiety fast one needs:

🤩 to restore the belief in own innate power

😉 to start seeing the situation, event, relationship in a new light

🧐 to look for solutions to the current situation

😎 to take actions to change the situation

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Transformational Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective in treating anxiety because it addresses the root cause of the issue. These are the feelings and subconscious beliefs that lead to it.

Hypnotherapy scatters old negative beliefs that hold you back and cause emotional pain. It assists you in choosing new beliefs that empower you.

You cannot build a stable building on an old rotten foundation. All your efforts just to change your behavior will fail if you do not make this essential step of laying a new stable foundation.

These new empowering beliefs break the habit of negative thinking and allow positive thinking instead. Changing your beliefs will allow you to make better choices and wiser decisions.

This transformed way of thinking and making your decisions allows you to create a totally different, much better life.

In this way, RTT therapy raises your confidence and ensures permanent improvement of mental health.

Client’s testimonial

When I contacted Olga I was on the edge of having the second burnout in my life. Being a new mom and taking care of my step-children, life was busy, hectic and my anxieties sneak up on me. I couldn’t find the rest, my inner peace and the joy of life. The panic attacks came more frequently and I wanted a change, right away!

After the session I felt the difference, I wasn’t that stressed out anymore. My husband saw the change immediately and I felt happy, energized, secure and I was living in the moment.

I’m very thankful for the method and Olga’s coaching. Everything is so clear now and life is good.

Olga is an amazing, caring person willing to help others with their problems and be the best version of yourself. The RTT was mind blowing and the outcome made so much sense. Olga will give you the tools and guide you. Trust the process, yourself and Olga and enjoy!

Charito Loyola, Netherlands


The root cause of the anxiety is unconscious belief about being helpless.

And in order to beat anxiety quickly and permanently, one needs to start believing in innate power and abilities.

Rapid Transformational Therapy offers the tools needed for such an empowering change.

Have you or someone close to you experienced excessive anxiety? Were you or they able to overcome anxiety easily and how?

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